L100 Spotlight #7: Saint

By Planet Slop
Wed 28 March, 2018

He used to be part of the Profit Saint crew, but now he’s gone solo. DJ 2Kind introduces Saint.  

Starting his musical journey alongside fellow MC Profit in the crew known as Profit Saint,  Saint (real name: Lee Pell) would be widely known for quick firing rapid rhymes over 140 bpm beats that were appreciated by both Grime heads and Hip Hop fans alike.

Profit Saints performance at the Liverpool Takeover on BBC 1Xtra confirmed to the rest of the world what many followers of Liverpool’s urban music scene already knew, and it was clear that they grabbed the opportunity to showcase their lyrical skills with both hands alongside a host of other Liverpool MC’s like Grime of the Earth, C-Two, Macz, Mal and Beyond Average.

The much delayed and long awaited release of Profit Saints last project No Dat Season had a list of features that looked like a who’s who of quality artists from Liverpool and Merseyside.

However, the fallout from the clash of personalities meant that an album that should have been celebrated by all involved stopped short of its full potential, and its purpose to unite the ‘scene’ was never fulfilled.

The ending (for now) of Profit Saint became the commencement for SAINT, who saw the opportunity to return to a lane of music which always inspired him and to which – as a fan – he had always stayed true; back to basics beats, rhymes and life. Hip Hop music.

What followed was a tidal wave of incredible tracks many of which feature his partner Nicola Jane such as Didn’t I Tell You, Are U featuring Kof , Still Here and the incredible Work It Out.

In 2018 the work rate looks far from slowing down and with collaborations with Jamie Broad and other Liverpool artists already completed and the new mixtape Still I Kept the Substance due to drop early summer – expect some incredible music on its way from SAINT in the next few months.

We caught up with SAINT just before performing at Liverpool’s Feast Of Fire Festival alongside Nicola Jane, Iona Fazer, Miss Deep, Zac Jones and Felcon as part of the L100 Cypher to run through the all-important L100 Spotlight Q & A.

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Planet Slop: Who are you and what do you do?

Saint: My name is Lee Pell but I go by the name Saint. I predominantly make Hip-Hop music but my sound is versatile and in the past I have been known to touch on other genres such as Grime.

PS: Describe your music in three words

S: At the moment I would describe my current vibe as soulful, lyrical and laid-back.

PS: What was your last non-music post on social media?

S: A picture of my daughter’s front tooth falling out.

PS: What’s your favourite Hip Hop quote?

S: There are too many to choose from but it would have to be a Nas bar from Illmatic. So if I had to pick just one I’d probably say: “It drops deep as it does in my breath. I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death.”

PS: What do people admire about you?

S: Musically? Probably my work rate and versatility.

PS: What’s your favourite takeaway/food spot?

S: There’s an Argentinian steak house called MEET on Brunswick Street that’s mine and me bird’s favourite!

PS: Who is your hero?

S: Me mum. She always gave everything to make sure we never went without even though she never had much and she’ll always be a hero in my eyes for that.

PS: What was the first record/CD you bought with your own cash?

S: The Fugees’ The Score . I reckon I was about 12. I remember me cousin Joanne would sing Killing Me Softly and I’d do all the ‘one time’ shouts!

PS: What annoys people about you?

S: Me mates always moan at me whenever we go anywhere coz I’m always wandering off talking to strangers and making new mates. Or if you ask the lads in work they would say that I’m a moody bastard in the morning.

PS: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

S: My girlfriend and recording artist, Nicola Jane.

PS: What has been you best live show so far?

S: It’s gotta be when me and Profit headlined I Love Live in Camden a few years back.

PS: What’s your best TV show EVER?

S: Match of the Day.

PS: What’s your favourite sound or noise?

S: The sound of a drum loop made by DJ Premier or the sound of silence coz in our house it’s rare.

PS: If you had to listen to only three artists for the next ten years, who would they be?

S: It’s a hard one because if it’s for ten years ya gonna wanna switch up the genres a bit so for that reason I’d probably go for: Nas for the lyrical content, Notorious BIG for the flowz and Bob Marley for them positive vibrations.

PS: And finally… why should people check out your music?

S: If you’re looking for that soulful hip hop sound mixed with them laidback flows then the new EP has got something for you. It’s called Still I Kept The Substance and its set to be released early in the summer.

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