L100 Spotlight #6: Shak Omar

By DJ 2Kind
Thu 18 January, 2018

Starting the new year off with a bang, DJ 2Kind introduces Shak Omar – the artist formerly known as 4tune Tella.

First of all, from everyone at the L100 family – Happy New Year!!!

We want to say thanks to the guys at Planet Slop for giving us this platform to showcase our Merseyside artists, and of course, a huge shout out to everyone who took time to check them out – yes, I’m talking about YOU – since we started this journey with C-Two and then onto Jake Rosh, Prefects, Jamie Broad and Tony Broke.

We are expecting some exciting new artists to pass through in 2018 and we hope that you enjoy the journey with us.

First up for this year is an artist who started his journey as an MC named 4tune Tella, who would be as comfortable spitting over smooth hip hop tracks like the incredible I’m a Fool featuring Janiece Myers to incredible 140 bpm bangers like Shut Ya Mouth with MOBO favourite Merki Waters.

The thing that always stood out with him was not only his lyrical style, but also the smooth tone that would give another dimension of emotion and finesse to every track that he would perform on.

So in 2017, when the artist formerly known as 4tune announced that he was going to reinvent himself as Shak Omar with the vocal direction turning more towards harmonies and melodies, we shouldn’t have been surprised. However, what did surprised us was how fuckin’ good this guy could actually sing!

His first single Clouds could sit alongside anything from our R&B cousins from across the pond, and was a permanent fixture on the L100 show for three months. Since then, each track has taken a further step in bringing the much needed soul back to modern urban music.&

So we caught up with Shak Omar recently and got the lowdown from the guy who is about to bring the RB back to 2018…

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PS: Who are you, and what do you do? 

SO: I’m Shak Omar – a singer, songwriter and rapper from Liverpool.

PS: Describe your music in Three Words.

SO: Honest, versatile, easy listening.

PS: That’s four, but we’ll let you off! What was your last non music post on social media?

SO: About LFC signing Naby Keita in January.

PS: What’s your favourite hip hop quote?

SO: Too many to name for different reasons – a recent one by J Cole; “To never try is the ultimate fail and love is wanting more for someone that they want for themselves”.

PS: What do people admire about you?

SO: I think people admire my honesty and desire to succeed, especially in terms of music.

PS: Where is your number one food spot?

SO: I don’t really have a favourite food spot, although you can never really go wrong with Nandos!

PS: What was the first album your bought with your own money?

SO: I’m pretty sure the first album I bought with my money was The Massacre by 50 Cent.

PS: What annoys people about you?

SO: The most annoying thing about me is probably the fact that I’m a wind up merchant. I also say “bro” too much.

PS: Who was the last person your spoke to on the phone?

SO: Last person I spoke to on the phone was my dad.

PS: What was the best live show you’ve performed at?

SO: Probably supporting Dappy back in 2014 at the 02 Academy Liverpool. The show was pretty much sold out and the crowd was crazy.

PS: What is your favourite TV show?

SO: Way too many TV shows to choose from! I’d probably say My Wife and Kids though.

PS: What is your favourite sound?

SO: My own voice! Most people would agree!

PS: If you had to listen to only three artists for the next ten years, who would they be?

SO: I’d say Lauryn Hill, J Cole and Chris Brown. Although you could ask me that question tomorrow and my answer would probably change.

PS: Why should people check out Shak Omar?

SO: People should check out my music because I put so much time, thought and money into perfecting my craft. I also try to be as versatile as possible, playing around in different genres but keep my sound and essence. And who knows if you check, you might just enjoy it!

More details on Shak Omar:
Twitter: @ShakOmarMusic  
Instagram: shakomarmusic

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