L100 Spotlight #3: Prefects

By DJ 2Kind
Tue 15 August, 2017

Is Boom Bap the true hip-hop sound? Prefects seems to think so. DJ2Kind catches up with him with L100.

In a time when the categorisation of hip-hop is forever trying to determine what is ‘real’ or not, there are certain artists whose musical style leaves no question about its authenticity.

The clever use of samples, raw cuts and scratches and the intelligent use of lyrics which have a theme, story or a message is what you are going to get when you check out Liverpool’s very own Prefects.

Along with Chedeye Knights member and long-time producer Blu Beatz, Prefects – whose name is an acronym of “Positive Real Energy For Everyone Creating True Sound” – has continued to represent the Boom Bap sound of hip hop while still collaborating over 140 bpm beats with local Grime artists including C-Two and MAL.

But it is definitely his work with Chedye Knights (420, Blu Beats and Kraze) that sees Prefects at his hip-hop best, and following a few years of tearing up festivals and collaborating with DJ Hashfinger and 420 on the incredible Mad Agents it’s is clear that his commitment to his style and passion for being creative will open more doors as we move towards 2018.

Q&A – Prefects

PS: Who are you and what do you do?

P: Prefects/P.R.E MC from Liverpool. I’m an MC who makes Boom Bap style hip-hop music – the true hip hop sound in my opinion.

PS: Describe your music in three words.

P: Poetic. Gutter. Raw.

PS: What was your last non-music post on social media?

P: My last non-music related post was probably something about the general election! All I ever post about is music related stuff really.

PS: What is most important; lyrics, hooks or BPM?

P: I would say hooks and lyrics go hand in hand have to be just as good as each other. The BPM is important if you want to go for a particular mood or style of music.

PS: What do people admire about you?

P: What people admire about me? I’m not sure really! I hope they just think I’m a good person really and respect what I do. I hope so anyway!

PS: What is your favourite takeaway/food Spot?

P: I’d probably say the Tazmi Balti by mine, around Old Swan/Derby Lane. It’s a small Indian restaurant with a big reputation. So if you know, you know!

PS: Who is your hero?

P: My hero is probably Bob Marley, in all honesty. The man was just a genius. A true LEGEND!

PS: What was the first album you bought with your own cash?

P: The first record I ever bought what I remember was Akala’s It’s Not a Rumour, which was around about 2008-2009!

PS: What annoys people about you?

P: I’m not sure! Probably my loud music getting played on the regular and getting complaints off the neighbours!

PS: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

P: It was actually Blu Beatz in all honesty!

PS: What has been you best live show so far?

P: It was probably DJ Premier in 2016 with the L100 Cypher alongside 420 and Tony Broke. We really represented Liverpool hip-hop that night, so it’s definitely one to remember.

PS: What’s your favourite TV show?

P: Believe it or not, it’s probably Only Fools and Horses. Can’t beat a bit of that!

PS: What’s your favourite sound or noise?

P: Definitely the sound of scratching on vinyl.

PS: If you had to listen to only three artists for the next ten years, who would it be?

P: Jeez! This is tough! I would probably have to go with Wu Tang Clan, 2Pac and Nas. But if you give me time to think I’ll probably say a different three!

PS: And finally…why should people check out Prefects?

P: People should check out Prefects because real hip-hop is important and needed and I/we provide that! Peace!

More details on Prefects:

Twitter: @PreMCEnergy95

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  • Images: artist’s Facebook page