The L100 Spotlight #2: Rosh

By DJ 2Kind
Wed 12 July, 2017

Continuing his regular column celebrating the urban scene in the North West, DJ2Kind introduces the incredible Rosh.

Hailing from The Wirral, Jake Rosh is an artist who stands apart from many in the Merseyside scene by the simple fact that when he releases a track for his listeners, he literally goes all in.

The credits from his latest full length album The Sample Life says it all; “Produced, Written, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by (Jake) Rosh”.

For the modern unsigned MC, the internet provides instant access to incredible beats from some of the best up and coming artists, but quite often, there is loss of connection between artist and producer that you can almost feel when listening to tracks.

From early on, Jake Rosh understood that if you want the listeners to connect with your music – the artists needs to have this connection first and this set about his quest to construct beats using soul, reggae, funk and contemporary music to create music that you don’t just hear, you also feel.

Anyone who regularly listens to Rosh’s music who know all about him without having to read an article or speak with him in person, his music tells his life story.

He is a talented footballer whose injury prone knee kept him side-lined too often to consider being a professional.

He is a serious fantasy writer whose head-to-head battle with a corrupted file turned him away from fiction and towards writing bars over beats.

He is an intelligent student with a Masters is Psychology, who is as proud of his heritage and culture (his father is from Israel) as he is of his family.

These are the real stories that listeners get to hear against a background of 808 kick drums and classic hip hop samples.

Q&A – Jake Rosh

PS: Who are you, and what do you do?
JR: My name is Jake Rosh and I am an independent urban vocalist and producer.

PS: How would you describe your music in three words?
JR: Emotional, intelligent and genuine.

PS: What was your last non-music related tweet/Insta Post?
JR: If I’m not tweeting about music, I’m tweeting about the football. My last insta post was of my travels to Lake Garda in Italy, a stunning and inspirational place.

PS: In order of importance, how do you rate BPMs, hooks and lyrics?
JR: Lyrics without doubt the most important, they give the song meaning. Hooks next as it can be the difference between a song being memorable or not. BPM doesn’t matter, a true artist can make a great song at any tempo!

PS: What do people admire about you?
JR: I’d say the fact that I stick to my roots – I don’t try to be anyone but myself and I present that in my music. I like to think people admire my beats too, they seem to be in demand at the moment.

PS: If you had to eat take out from one place for the next 7 years – where would it be?
JR: Pizza Hut.

PS: Who’s your hero?
JR: My dad, he moved over here with nothing and built a comfortable life for our family, I hope to replicate that with music one day!

PS: What was the first record/cd that bought with your own money?
JR: Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter 3, Timbaland Shock Value and Kanye‘s Late Registration on my first trip to HMV.

PS: What annoys people about you?
JR: My mates know all too well, if you get drunk with me I WILL wander off and you WILL have to find me! I just love an adventure.

PS: The last person you spoke to on the phone?
JR: My incredible girlfriend…

PS: What is the best live show you’ve ever performed at?
JR: Very difficult question. I loved headlining for Hush Hush Media in my hometown. WAVY 4 was probably my first show that I genuinely had a big crowd to perform to and the energy was incredible. Perhaps supporting Shystie as I got mobbed for my album after getting off stage. But I think supporting DJ Premier tops it as people had their lighters out for me, that was very special.

PS: Best TV Show Ever?
JR: Ed, Edd n Eddy or Johnny Bravo.

PS: What’s you favourite sound or noise?
JR: Filthy 808 bass

PS: If you had to listen to only three recording artists for the next 10 years it would be?
JR: Dr Dre, Damian Marley and Kanye West – before The Life Of Pablo, of course!

PS: People should check out Jake Rosh because….
JR: My music is completely and 100% written, produced and created by me, so it represents me and what I am trying to do, which is inspire a generation into realising that they hold the key to the future, whilst providing some original and banging tunes in the process.

More details on Rosh:

Twitter: @OfficialRosh
Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialRosh/

Rosh’s album The Sample Life is available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

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  • Image: artist’s Facebook