Kano_Liverpool_O2_Academy_Vicky_Pea_Feb_2020 (7)
Kano_Liverpool_O2_Academy_Vicky_Pea_Feb_2020 (7)

Kano, Footsie: O2 Academy, Liverpool

The anticipation was real as Soulfultiz finds himself buzzing with Kano.

By Soulfultiz
Fri 07 February, 2020

The anticipation was real…Kano, the man himself came out kicking and screaming with Free Years Later, the opening cut on his latest LP, Hoodies All Summer.

He didn’t waste any time before jumping into Good Youtes Walk Amongst Evil with most of the crowd chanting “Every Day” repeatedly through the chorus. Just two songs in, we had the feeling we were going to be in for something special, and, wow! He didn’t disappoint as he jumped into P’s & Q’s from his debut LP, Home Sweet Home.

He went on to more bangers like Trouble, This is England and a personal favourite from the new LP, Teardrops. I thought I was the only fan of the tune, but he got the crowd skanking and spitting bar for bar.

The whole crowd kept chanting, “KANO! KANO! KANO! KANO!” and you could see he was overwhelmed by the love he was getting from Liverpool. He mentioned he hadn’t been here for a while but it felt good to be back.

One highlight saw Kano trade bars with someone in the crowd. The guy took the place of Ghetts on Class of Deja and he definitely held his own. Hands and drinks were up in the air, leading to the occasional accident.

The choir later came out for SYM (Suck Your Mum) , only Kano would have the guts to play a song like that on Jools Holland. He finished with that tune and the crowd started again with the chanting. It reverberated the venue before he came out to do the encore finishing off with 3 Wheels Up and My Sound.

It is fair to say Kano was hyped, and you could tell every person there witnessed possibly one of the great lyricists to come out of the UK. As well as his pen game, his musicianship is near perfect. He had a full band with a choir (which included some top notch singer/songwriters like Vonne and Wilson Ntie) and four incredible horn players (one of which was Theon Cross, one of London’s brightest Jazz stars).

At times the energy was very Rock & Roll. I left the night buzzing till the early hours. If you get a chance to catch the Hoodies All Summer tour, please do. I guarantee to give you your money back if you are not feeling it.

We may not see a better gig in 2020. Kano is one of the G.O.A.T’s in this music thing. Mic drop.

One of Grime’s originators and one half of the Newham Generals, Footsie opened the night with some of his classics; Marching OrdersWork All Day and Mad Man Thing. Many of his die hard fans were spitting some of the lyrics bar for bar. From his set, you can see his origins were very much inspired by Drum & Bass, two-step and garage. It is great to see the DON still doing his thing.

Photo gallery below by Planet Slop’s Vicky Pea
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