World ADP Riot Tour Crowdfund To Send L8 Youngsters to NYC

By Vicky Pea
Fri 03 November, 2017

A crowdfund has been set up in order to send a group of young people from Liverpool to New York as part of the World ADP Riot Tour. 

In 2018 Jimmy Cauty’s ADP Riot Tour continues with a coast to coast tour across the USA.

Intending to take group of young people from the Toxteth and Dingle areas of Liverpool to New York to act as official invigilators and ambassadors on leg one of the tour, The Florrie have set up a crowdfund to cover costs.

The Florrie will be working with young individuals to ‘train them up’ to act as invigilators and official representatives of the ADP and the City of Liverpool, giving them confidence to speak in public and interact with press and do interviews in the process.

The young people who accompany the ADP to NY will then train up some NY kids to take over as ADP Ambassadors, who then take the ADP on to the next site and so on, across America until it returns back to Liverpool with the last host group of young people from America who will ‘hand back’ the ADP to The Florrie.

The ADP is currently being used as part of The Florries new education and training programme for young people. The instillation allows them to open up conversations with young people about social matters.  The resulting discussion groups are learner led activities that make use of guest speakers, peers and key figures in the local community, encouraging a sense of self worth and achievement whilst identifying ambition, giving young people the confidence to achieve their goals.

Empowering young people to be part of the ADP World Tour is an amazing and life changing experience for them. Please support if you can. To donate, click here. 


Original Article:

Jimmy Cauty’s ADP 1 has returned to Liverpool and could be here for a while.

ADP 1 will be located The Florrie for the foreseeable future, until it goes back out on tour next year before returning to its now semi-permanent home, and available for the public to visit for free on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4pm and 8pm with plans to open 5 days a week in the works.

ADP 1 – photo from Jimmy Cauty and the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop

Talking to us about the return of the installation, The Florrie’s Anne Lundon explained how the community plan to best utilise ADP 1;

The Florrie will be using the ADP as an engagement tool as part of our new education and training programme. Our aim is for every school in Liverpool to come and visit the ADP. Using the art instillation as a participatory training programme also allows us to open up discussions with young people about issues affecting them and how art can influence young people’s thinking in a positive and creative dialog.

Jimmy’s support to the Florrie is second to none, he is keen to see the ADP used to support our work in the community and young people in particular having direct access to art within their local communities. People’s reactions to it have been amazing, it brings new people to our amazing Florrie every day and the container itself has become another work of art that people talk about.”

ADP 1 makes up a trio of touring art installations created by Jimmy Cauty, portraying a dystopian post-apocalyptic landscape at a painstaking 1/87th scale. ADP 1 itself is housed inside a 40ft storage container, view-able only through peepholes and is usually found travelling up and down motorways of the UK, stopping to set up in towns and cities who’ve experienced rioting though-out their history.

To find out more about The ADP Riot Tour and other L-13 supported works visit http://l-13.org/

To find out more information about The Florrie and their upcoming events and exhibits – including a spooky sponsored Halloween sleep over – visit www.theflorrie.org

Photos from Jimmy Cauty and the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop.