Jamie Broad Releases New Video For L100 History

By Vicky Pea
Tue 13 February, 2018

Jamie Broad releases new video for track L100 History, a timeline of his own journey through Liverpool’s Hip Hop scene. 

Jamie Broad is having a stellar couple of weeks. After an appearance at Studio 2 for Independent Venue Week he followed up by premiering his new track, L100 History, on DJ2 Kind’s KCC Live show last week, to an overwhelmingly complimentary response.

The new track follows his journey so far in Merseyside’s hip hop scene giving “The L100 History from my perspective“. Making mentions of other artists and events it begins from the first time he heard Young Kof and continues up until today, with shout outs to current groups including the Chedeye Knights, Beyond Average, Rico Don, NuTribe and more, weaving stories and memories along the way.

Now he’s released the video for the track, providing visual lyrics that are bound to invoke viewers own memories of Merseyside’s hip hop history – or for those without – educate them on it. A love letter to what sometimes is a forgotten and under-appreciated part of Merseyside’s rich musical past.

Check out the video here and discover more of Jamie‘s music on BandCamp and keep up with what he’s doing via Twitter.