Tarang: Indian Music Ensemble Launching New Album At Liverpool’s Indika 2017

By Shaun Ponsonby
Tue 27 June, 2017

The groundbreaking collective are launching their new album at the Capstone Theatre, Shaun Ponsonby reports.

Indian music ensemble Tarang will be launching their new album Undone in Liverpool next month, with a live performance at the Capstone Theatre as part of Indika 2017.

The group are at the forefront of experimentation in Indian music, featuring a wide variety of Indian instruments such as the Sitar, Veena, Mridangam, Tabla, Morsing, Kanjira as well as the Violin, Flute and vocalists. They were established by the Indian Arts Development Trust and Milapfest, and remains the only ensemble of its kind in Europe.

Returning after a hiatus, the ensemble are returning with a groundbreaking new sound, paving the way forward for experimentation and innovation with Indian classical music. Taking inspiration from music across the globe, the new sound is emotionally rich and musically complex culminating in a sophisticated amalgamation of a wide spectrum of genres including jazz fusion, western classical, R&B and folk.

Indika 2017 is an event run by Milapfest, Britain’s leading Indian arts development trust, producing world class performances, education and artist development opportunities across the UK.

Tarang play Indika 2017 at the Capstone Theatre on Friday 21st July.