Hope & Glory Sunday Review: Living Room, Liverpool

By Planet Slop
Tue 08 August, 2017

Adam Chapman reviews the now legendary Sunday of Hope and Glory 2017. 

Man I was so hyped when I awoke on Sunday morning. A day of pumping tunes, partying and next day regret was calling my name and my god didn’t it just live up to it. Here’s my review.

Upon waking up I went and made a cup of tea, a poor nights sleep the night before (probably due to excitement) had meant I was running low on the Zs and a caffeine hit would do wonders in getting me prepared for the musical glory (pun intended) the day was offering.

Sunday of Hope at Glory

As a modern man connected to the modern world I checked my social media accounts to see if there was any last minute gossip, maybe a secret guest performance or two. I then came across this tweet:

Those jokers. This was probably some crazy last minute marketing campaign to weed out the men from the boys. Only true music moguls and hardcore fans. This is going be awesome I thought to myself.

I checked outside and it wasn’t the most pleasant of days but that wouldn’t be enough to deter me. The venue was sick, centre of town, just a small 5-10 minute walk from my flat.

Sunday of Hope at Glory

I had try to stay away from any ‘spoilers’ to do with the festival, although I’d heard a couple of people mention it was “Chaos” whilst on the way to Sainsburys on Saturday night. Chaos sounds good. There is nothing more exciting than a crowd getting rowdy and downing a few lukewarm Carling’s. I can’t wait.

Strangely as I left my flat and wondered towards the event there wasn’t quite the crowd I was expecting, there wasn’t really anyone. A few people standing around looking confused and angry but that’s a normal Sunday morning in Liverpool.

I must have gotten the wrong venue, as when I turned up to where I thought it was there wasn’t any music, weren’t any people and some other festival had just ended.

I went home to try and find out what had happened and decided to play some Xbox as I waited for replies.

Sunday of Hope at Glory

After a few hours I realised the festival organisers weren’t replying and here’s where I may have messed up a little bit. I had a little nap, or what I thought was little until I woke up and it was late afternoon. “Bugger” I thought and still no damn reply.

I went out on another journey and tried to ‘follow the music’ but just ended up in my local pub. Not the classic festival experience I’d hoped for but still had a beer and listened to some music so I guess it was better than nothing.

All I’d ask of the promoters is if in future you could be clearer about the events address that’d be much appreciated. As a music journalist I still felt obliged to write a review even if I didn’t technically go. Or did I? All round a pretty good Sunday to be fair.

Thanks Hope & Glory. Here’s to next year!

Editors note:

We may or may not have attempted to contact Mr O’Hanlon multiple times, either way we somehow got a response from Angie Redhead that read – “In a way the Sunday of Hope & Glory was a huge success. If you think about it, it’s like we all were there. Technically everyone was at No festival today and we witnessed no capacity or queuing issues at all. We’re all looking forward to the next edition of No festival today.” 

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