We Are Grime launch – EBGBS – Sep 2017-6260-2
We Are Grime launch – EBGBS – Sep 2017-6260-2

We Are Grime feat. C-Two, MAL & more

By Planet Slop
Tue 26 September, 2017

The first ever We Are Grime event took place at EBGB’s last week, and Planet Slop were there to take it in. 

Last week, the first ever We Are Grime event took place at EBGB’s.

Wednesday nights could be difficult to fill, but the younger audience for Grime will undoubtedly work in its favour once word spreads, especially for the student crowd.

Perhaps it is the student crowd that We Are Grime are aiming for. The performances didn’t begin until very late on, and instead we were treated to DJ’s for a few hours before anyone took to the stage with a microphone.

When the acts did arrive, they carried with them a sense of bravado that fit both Grime and Liverpool. There was a delectable scouseness in their approach, and it made us wonder even more why it has taken so long for this scene to be recognised within the city.

This was also reflected in the subtle vocal inflections coming through mid-song. MAL’s accent, for example, often came out pretty strong, particularly with “ck” sounds – the scousest of all scouse inflections. And he was all the better for it. By not hiding it, it added a sense of urgency to his performance.

C-Two has been covered in the pages of Planet Slop before, and he didn’t disappoint now that we are seeing him in the flesh. To say his music is purely Grime does him something of a disservice, but he added a unique dimension to the proceedings.

When several of the acts joined each other on stage, it felt like a crew up there. Fitting with night’s name; “We Are Grime“, the community feel was vibrant.

Despite the sparse attendance – not surprising for a new event on a Wednesday night – the crowd who showed up for this late night, mid-week show were enthusiastic. It is clear that the audience truly loves the music. The lack of chin-stroking musos asking “But what does it all mean?” (aside from us, of course) was actually pretty refreshing.

It may take some time to build, but We Are Grime has the potential to grow into something truly spectacular. It feels like something we have discovered on the ground floor, and the only way is up.

Let’s just hope more people flock to it.

We Are Grime returns tonight (27th September) with an even bigger line-up featuring MNIIIFEST, DJ Pengaleng, Beyond Average, Rico Don, Wavey Joe, Jono, Kane, Zee and Ashanti Warrior. Doors open at 10pm.

Pictures by Mark Holmes