Episode 1
Episode 1

Ghosts Of: Exploring Ghoulish Tales & Locations Across The UK

By Vicky Pea
Sun 24 September, 2017

Ghosts Of is a new online series that sees a group of friends tackle some of the British Isle’s spookiest spots.

Everyone loves a good ghost story and as the Halloween season approaches new series Ghosts Of has launched on YouTube.

Ghosts Of follows a group of fiendish friends from the North West as they investigate some of the most haunted locations and explore ghoulish tales from across the country.

Episode One sees the gang digging up the past of St Helen’s Mill Street Barracks.

We set up the Planet Slop ouija board and managed to contact Ghosts Of crew member James Seddon to get some more information.

PS: It’s a real DIY outfit you’re working with but the production is great. How much work goes into putting each episode together?

JS: There is a lot of work which goes into the production of an episode and the process to making our first pilot has actually been around 6 months believe it or not. We are only a small team and we have no budget, so in order to make the show we’ve been helped a lot by our own contacts that have provided equipment and helped us along the way.

I have the job not only of directing the show, but also editing it and composing the music. There are around 100 different tracks in the soundtrack. The beauty is that they can be layered together and mixed to form different sounds which give lots of flexibility.

On location, it does take quite a while to film. For the first episode we spent most of the day filming shots of the location and getting lighting set up. We were only able to film Michael’s ghost stories once it had gone dark in order for the lighting to work, so by the time we began the actual investigation it was around 11pm at night. Lighting is hugely important and it’s great fun to go into somewhere and transform it into a completely different environment using lighting.

PS: How do you find out about these locations and stories?

JS: There are lots of well-known locations who are very busy with ghost hunting groups and it is a big source of revenue for them and really keeps them going so it is difficult sometimes to secure them and to be honest whilst visiting such places has a fair bit of prestige, we are equally excited about exploring an old haunted house that nobody has investigated before. Michael has been involved in YouTube paranormal shows for some time and knows lots of locations and has been to them and Karynn, Pete and Paul also look into this too.

PS: Once you’ve picked your next location, how much research goes into the show? 

JS: There is a considerable amount of research and it can become difficult depending on where you are looking to film.

Mill Street has a well-documented history and ghost stories and having Jamey Williams from the barracks on hand was great as he is a fountain of knowledge on it and helped us so much. He has also agreed to join us on future shows which is superb.

For lesser known locations it’s important to speak to people. Our show is about ghost stories as much as an investigation and there are always people who have apparently seen something. Another place to look is local archives or speak to local historians. There are lots of internet forums with people actively involved who are more than willing to help out – but you do sometimes need to take online information with more than a pinch of salt.

Looking in the local history archives it’s surprising what you can find out. For example, upon researching a location we are looking to film at we found out that most of its ghost stories could not possibly true as the place did not exist at the time the ghosts are said to come from!

PS: Do you get any resistance about filming in certain locations?

JS: We would never at a private location without getting permission from them first. In regards to resistance, I find it depends what the location is used for or the personal beliefs of the owners. Sometimes people don’t want their building to develop a reputation for ghosts or others are worried that having a ghost hunt may cause phenomena to increase.

PS: Whats the scariest experience you’ve ever had?

JS: I like to think that I am quite objective about the paranormal and although on investigations I am usually terrified, afterwards I tend to evaluate it and put things down to natural means.

One thing that sticks in my mind is when Paul (who is also in the show) and I were conducting vigil and saw a huge flash of light that came from nowhere and we caught it on film. It lit up the dark room like a camera flash and was very strange. I’ve heard strange sounds and experienced cold spots too. Now I am not saying any if this is due to spirits of the dead, but it is certainly very strange and in my mind, unexplained.

PS: Most Haunted vs Ghost Hunters?

JS: Always has and always will be Most Haunted. I’ve watched it since the first episode and it is largely responsible for starting my interest in the paranormal back when I was 13 years old. It was a truly ground breaking show, nothing like it had been on telly before, it was so exciting and I used to stay up late to watch all of the live shows. I do have a soft spot for Ghost Adventures too, especially Zak’s gas mask!

PS: Sum up Ghosts Of in three words?

JS: Lots of fun

So if you like a spook or two and learning about the more sinister side of the UK’s past, subscribe to Ghosts Of. With more episodes in the works already, the adventures have only just begun.

Watch episode 1 here.