FreshBlood Festival Announce First Wave of Acts

FreshBlood are a collective of young, Liverpool-based promoters, and they’re announcing their arrival with an ambitious project.

By Planet Slop
Fri 21 June, 2019

A group of young Liverpool-based promoters have announced the formation of the FreshBlood collective with details of their inaugural FreshBlood Festival.

The FreshBlood Collective is an unprecedented partnership between five young Liverpool based promoters; Halfway Home (pop-punk, hardcore, emo), Degenerate Productions (championing the contribution of minority groups, women and queer people), Bitch Palace (female musicians and local artists)and the endlessly eclectic Culture Shock and Hѧppy Ѧccidョnts.

The collective have announced the first wave of acts for the week-long festival, which is to take place between the 7th and 13th of October at numerous venues across the city, with Jacaranda: Phase One, The Jacaranda Club and Studio 2 so far confirmed.

Heading up the bill so far will be Tigress, fresh from opening up for Bring Me The Horizon over the summer, metal band God Complex and local favourite Katie Mac, along with a string of other acts. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the full first wave.

Disillusioned by the current state of affairs within the live music community the members of FreshBlood organically formed first a friendship, and then a professional relationship. This festival is a celebration of everything they love and value in music, art and the communities that surround them.

Each night will focus on different genres with some familiar names in established Liverpool events hosting takeovers, including Slowdown Club, Boogie Bitches and Soul Train. Beyond the musical side of the festival, attendees will also be able to experience a new play by Kyle Taylor, a print fair and an exciting collaboration with the Manchester-based feminist art collective S.C.U.M. and more throughout the week.

Early bird tickets are available by clicking here.

Lead image: Gary Lambert @ Glam Gig Pics