False Advertising, Elevant, Kin: Phase One, Liverpool

Feeling under the weather actually helps elevate our enjoyment of these three, grungy bands.

By Shaun Ponsonby
Fri 15 November, 2019

This show came after a couple of days of feeling a little under the weather. The plan was to duck out early and get some rest, but it didn’t work out that way.

Kin were a pleasant surprise. There was a charm to their almost ramshackle performance. Their between song banter, done mainly between each other, was playful and had the effect of letting us in a little.

In what is one of the greatest traditions of rock & roll, it was the drummer, Dave, who came across as the stooge. Constant ribbing during extended silences ended up making their way into the audience. It was charming, and even though their actual songs might not be quite there yet, they were still a joy to watch.

Elevant seemed as responsible for the numbers in the room as the headliners. Watching frontman Michael Edward walking around in the crowd, as affable as they come, chatting to any and every one is a stark contrast to his stage persona.

I’ve gotta hold my hand up here – sometimes I’m an idiot who doesn’t wear his glasses; a little too often, in fact. I was wearing them tonight, and this was the first time I could fully appreciate Edwards’ intensity. It’s in the eyes, especially on something like the heavy, noise rock influenced We Eat Our Young.

It is also the first time we’ve managed to catch Elevant as a four piece. Despite some dodgy sound (which were clearly technical issues), it’s obvious that the fourth member has thickened up their sound.

Elevant and False Advertising have been friends for a while. There is something heartwarming about seeing them wearing each other’s merchandise throughout their sets. It gives the whole evening a feeling of camaraderie.

Manchester’s False Advertising themselves were by far the slickest band on the bill. Lead singer Jen is a compelling frontperson. She isn’t necessarily as active as Edward, but she commands attention. Perhaps the best signifier of this is when she switches places with drummer Chris. Though a great example of the band’s musicality, it was less riveting and they lost a little momentum.

Still, that’s only a slight blip. With their excellent debut Brainfreeze making up the bulk of the set, it was bound to be a winner. There is a pop sensibility to their songwriting that makes the performance infectious, but grungy enough to feel urgent.

By the time they closed out with the double whammy of Influenza and Wasted Days, I realised I had inadvertently stayed for a whole show that I planned to creep out of early. Something about the feel of the bands – grungy and heavy – had matched my mood, and the light present in False Advertising had even elevated it.

Well played, guys. Well played indeed.

Lead Image by Brian Sayle

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