Caribou Evol Invisabe Wind Factory Brian Sayle Photography 3024
Caribou Evol Invisabe Wind Factory Brian Sayle Photography 3024

Caribou: Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

Paul Riley has something in his eye again as Caribou finally get to take to the stage in Liverpool.

By Planet Slop
Mon 25 October, 2021

A question: Is it just me, or are gigs just better now?

A second question: Do I now cry at every show, or will that wear off after a while?

This was my third live event since I started to venture out into the world again, and it was a third immersion into a sensory tank full of good vibes.

It feels weird to review a crowd before the band they all came to see, but then these are interesting times. Being around so many smiles was overwhelming, almost painfully beautiful, and worth the wait; this show had been postponed more times than I care to think of.

Since we’re talking beautiful – what better way to accompany this crowd, than with Caribou? Dan Snaith is a master craftsman of sound. His discography is a warm blanket of lovely – minimal motifs that slowly evolve, transitioning into into fuzzy, glowing, blossoming soundscapes full of glimpses of everything that is good in the world.


It is a quite impressive feat to translate Caribou’s studio releases to a live setting, and yet Dan and three other musicians did so effortlessly. From the opening bars of Odessa through to the closing track Can’t Do Without You, it was just stunning: sheer, unadulterated happiness.

Album tracks were embellished thoughout with additional intricacies – at times pacier and more complex, the ebb and flow of the music playing the crowd like an additional instrument.

I could go into specifics, but I don’t think I would do it justice; suffice to say that the sum was more than its constituent parts.

An incredible experience, in an incredible venue, surrounded by wonderful people.

Let joy be unconfined.

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