Burn The Shard Part 1
Burn The Shard Part 1

KLF Khronicals #15: The Lucky 49 & 1 Golden Idiot

The heat is on as Burn The Shard gets closer, the Lucky 49 begin to reveal themselves and we get some solid intel on what’s going on. 

By Vicky Pea
Tue 21 November, 2017

Burn The Shard Part 1

20th November 2017

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

The JAMS are cutting it fine with their latest event, the Lucky 49 receiving just about 72 hours notice that they would indeed be the proud owner of a pair of tickets to Burn The Shard Part 1. As of writing this I’ve just received an update email from Bido Lito! proclaiming the names will come out of the hat at noon today, so I’ll pause it here for an hour and hopefully come back to you with some good news.

12.00 on the dot and… HUZZAH! Yes, I’ve got an email, it informs me I’m the Golden Tikket winner (something I seriously considered keeping to myself to be honest) and to expect a further email on Wednesday telling me where to meet on the Thursday at 7pm in London. That is all.

From the state of the Facebook groups it looks like I may have been the first to know. Everyone else remains purely focused on refreshing their emails, a few people are starting to pop up excitingly proclaiming their admittance. I’m relived to know my preemptive train and hotel booking will not go to waste and thank either the luck of the draw or those in control for the good news whilst choosing not to dwell at all on the whole Golden Tikket thing, sincerely hoping that was just a measure to get it to a nice odd 99 and absolutely nothing else, whilst hyperventilating into a paper bag.

Like every other hopeful entrant I’ve been reading 2023 again in anticipation, which is far from a chore as with the subsequent developing events as well as investigations, references and theories uncovered by the online communities, you’re always reading it with a little something extra in mind each time you pick it up. Then there’s added motivation of needing to cram as to not disappoint the DPM. I’ve always been a good last minute reviser, but don’t be surprised if you spot me panicking intently at flash cards on the day! An appearance on Mastermind may follow soon after.

Apart from confirming “Yay I’ve got a ticket”, there’s not really much more information to share at the moment, just to keep an eye out for more on Wednesday.

So to those that have got tickets, see you in old smoke. To those that missed out, stand by for reports on what the fuuk happens next and/or head over to the Facebook groups where people are negotiating their plus 1’s for spare kidneys.

Now that’s where I’m supposed to press publish. But I can’t help but think it’s basically a whole load of “good for me” and not a lot of anything else. So I’ll sit on it instead and sweat it out for some more tidbits.

21st November 2017

Hello tidbits! With two days to go until the event, we finally have a solid idea what it’s all about.

As we’d previously deduced we’re set for a glorified product launch, in the best way. This time centred around the audio book version of 2023 narrated by Daisy Eris Campbell. The audio book will be accompanied by a poster and 7″ single (CONTAINS NO MUSIC!) and looks as though it’ll include two segments of the audio book. Two trailers are released with the details. Flash forward to me hauling bundles of new 2023 merch onto the train come Friday morning.

Back to 2023, it’s amazing how many possibilities it holds for Thursday. Mentions of London streets, pubs, warehouses and marches. It’s hard not to consider that some will have a place or part to play in Burn The Shard Part 1. Figuring out which references they are on the other hand is an impossible task. Shall we give it a go anyway?

Lets make a rash prediction that, as in 2023, we end up making our way to the Shard. Now I think this is pretty unlikely. That area of London is practically locked down and developed to the point of having no remaining open space. And we’d have to cross a bridge. So I think the likelihood of anything taking place in or around the vicinity of the Shard is a long shot, but it’s fun to speculate.

With that in mind, this area highlights, roughly, any area that falls within one hours walking distance from The Shard, concentrating on north of the river.


I’ll leave the keener minds to figure out what may or may not fall inside that radius. I do know of one place that comes pretty close though… the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop in Clerkenwell. Just about on the border. They’ve most certainly been heavily involved in JAMS activities and could make an appropriate base for events don’t you think?

Most of this is a huge waste of time of course, as we’ll all find out tomorrow anyway, via the promised further instructions. What is it about the JAM’s that makes waiting a day so darn difficult? Whatever the reason, enjoy a few final hours of pure speculative investigation, that’s what we do!

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