BIOBDR Press – Photo Credit Denise Malone (2)
BIOBDR Press – Photo Credit Denise Malone (2)

Bianca Del Rio, Myra Dubois: Empire Theatre, Liverpool

By Shaun Ponsonby
Sat 21 July, 2018

The Queen of Mean headed to Liverpool with a foul mouthed, un-PC tirade that had us gagging, and Shaun Ponsonby loved every minute of it.

We could have counted down to how long it would take for Bianca Del Rio to use the C-word when she took to the stage at the Liverpool Empire, but we maybe wouldn’t have even finished drawing breath.

You need to know I’m a nasty c**t,” she proudly exclaims.

Del Rio is basically what you would get if Joan Rivers really didn’t give a shit. Following a specially recorded introduction from RuPaul, the Drag Race season six winner strolled on stage and to one of the most rapturous welcomes we’ve ever witnessed.

The show is sold out. As we approach the venue, the queue is around the block. Bianca hasn’t appeared on Drag Race for about half a decade, but she is a bona fide superstar.

She wasted no time roasting her fellow Drag Race Queens. Recent runner up Eureka came under fire quickly with the same kind of vicious bark that she used on Trump. In fact, she called out all the recent Drag Race controversies, from Trixie Mattel’s somewhat unjust win against Shangela in All-Stars 3 to Mama Ru’s recent outbursts.

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No topic is off-limits – Anne Frank and cancer are among the subjects Bianca pokes fun at, “Fat bitches and f*****s” are deemed the worst people on Earth. But one of the highlights of the night was a lesbian in the balcony whose high pitched laugh cut through the entire room, only to be roasted mercilessly by the Queen of Mean.

Towards the end of the show, Del Rio took questions from the crowd, and ended up dishing out relationship advice to several people. One guy who had bought meet and greet tickets for his ex-girlfriend was invited up to the stage, where Bianca filmed herself on his phone calling the ex a c**t.

She claims to be a “hateful bitch”, but the un-PC nature of her act feels equally inclusive. That might seem like a contradiction, but what can we say? She’s an equal opportunity hater. She’s a man in a dress – what do you expect?

We knew Bianca would be a joy to behold, but support Myra Dubois was a real surprise of the night. Bianca is more of a comedian who happens to wear a dress, whereas London-based Dubois (“as seen on TV“, as she kept reminding us) treated us to something closer to a traditional drag act, and sung some hilarious renditions of songs, from ABBA’s Money, Money, Money to Where Is Love from Oliver and Big Spender, where she kept hilariously missing her cue to begin the song.

It didn’t take long for the audience to lap her up, and they were as enthusiastic for her as they were for Bianca. She could probably sell out a show of her own on her next visit.