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Beating The Bounds 2020: For The Record

In the interest of completion and acknowledgement we present mini coverage from the Beating of the Bounds 2020.

By Vicky Pea
Tue 24 November, 2020

Being a Brick of Mu in waiting is not a passive status. It is not something you sign up for to simply become a spectator of. Being a Brick of Mu in waiting, is far from a waiting game.

If there was to be a year that would really test the continued involvement and enthusiasm of the “to be Mumufied” it sure feels like this was the one, but no, it wasn’t a test at all.

Without the ability to descend upon the streets of Toxteth proper, mini Toxteth’s popped up across the globe regardless. On beaches, in back gardens, by fire-pits, on doorsteps, in living rooms, in zoom-rooms, in twitter threads, in Whatsapp Groups. All without so much as a nudge of encouragement.

In Liverpool the Arts Lab decided to take advantage of the situation and put their feet up for a year… as if.

Beating the Bounds was a tradition introduced to Toxteth Day of the Dead by the Liverpool Arts Lab in 2018 and is an integral part of the experience.

Low in number and restricted in options a scaled back (in theatrics… not in distance!) beating was plotted. 9 carriers would transport a golden acorn across 9 legs with a spoon, completing a circular egg and spoon relay style bounds. Each cross over point marked with this years logo, “More Acorns, More Spoons” as designed by the Labs’ very own Marc Remnant which you can see above.

If designing the logo wasn’t enough, Marc has also produced this wonderful record of this years roue (in red) with the cross over points;


Long innit? The blue and yellow lines being the previous year’s routes. Fuelled by Peter’s trademark Tocky Tarts and a gorgeous day the 4 + something hours felt far less. Thanks to the Lab for having me tag along and to the 9 Bounders Jen, Katy-Anne, Tracey, Janet, Steve, Judy, LouLou, Kermit and Peter as well as socially distanced banner bearers Simon and Mandy (who did the whole damn route) for making it a wonderful, wonder-filled day. You can view a gallery from the day at the bottom of this post.

I ended last years Khronical with “Never-mind new years and birthdays, at 00:00 on 24th November is when my calendar flicks over” and it rang just a true this year. It really does have a new years feel to me. Just as new year can be celebrated with 400 people, 14 people or in your own company, 2020 has proven the same to be true for Toxteth Day of the Dead. Well done folks. Feels like the Bounds just got a little bigger.


14 Bricks of Mu in waiting. Photo courtesy of L-13 / CCC&D Undertakers

For more information on Mumufication visit

Photo gallery below by Vicky Pea

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