Kiosk presents Bar Mont Blanc – 2
Kiosk presents Bar Mont Blanc – 2

Bar Mont Blanc Opens In Cains Brewery

By Shaun Ponsonby
Fri 17 November, 2017

A cosy ski lodge will do just fine in the winter months. Planet Slop heads to the latest incarnation of Kiosk.

It is easy to miss Kiosk. I certainly did. Walking into the Cains Brewery, I shuffled past without even giving it a second thought. I got lost and made a mini-fool of myself. Thankfully the situation was rectified.

It is situated right at the entrance of the brewery, a tiny hut with an equally tiny capacity.

The interior changes constantly, with overriding themes taking centre stage. In the past, for example, they have had an outer space theme. But with Christmas just around the corner, it has been transformed into an alpine ski lodge hideaway called Bar Mont Blanc.

The ski lodge feel is actually a perfect for the size of Kiosk. The tiny space holds just 20 people, so emphasises a cosy atmosphere. There is a small area outside with a fireplace and a small wooden shelter to cater for the inevitable overspill. It all has an innocent, romantic charm. Both sections are draped in faux fur throws, with furniture made out of tree trunks.

But it’s the endearing indoor part that is the main focus, the heartwarming festive theme is difficult to resist.

Naturally, the cocktail menu that reflects this winter theme.  There were even some hot concoctions, such as G & Tea and Bircher, perfect for warming your bones on a cold December night.

Bizarrely, there was also The Hugo on offer – a gin-based cocktail that felt more tailored for summer than winter. That said, it was admittedly the beverage we had most helpings of.

The lodge get-up is sticking around until February, when Kiosk will get a whole new makeover. At times, it was easy to fool yourself into thinking it was a real ski lodge. It’s prepossessing, cosy and utterly charming.