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Alistair Fruish’s The Sentence Set For Florrie Performance

By Vicky Pea
Mon 11 December, 2017

5 readers. 1 novel. 1 sentence. 1 syllable per word. 0 punctuation. The Sentence is coming to The Florrie.

5 readers / 1 novel / 1 sentence
1 syllable per word / 0 punctuation

Alistair Fruish’s monosyllabic masterclass, The Sentence is taking to the road for a series of readings directed by Daisy Eris Campbell.

Following a successful reading at London’s Cockpit Theatre, the Northampton author’s groundbreaking novel-length sentence is going on a nationwide tour and Liverpool is the second stop.

An intravenous rush of monosyllables that runs according to the clock of an extremely Long Now, Ali Fruish’s The Sentence is a breathless and head-first synaptic plunge into austere and yet excitingly fresh territory, effortlessly blending informed social protest, literary experiment and existential science fiction/horror from its first chivvying word to its single and memorable full stop.

Compassionate, ingenious and more than modern, this book casts a new and startling light on the idea of doing time. Experience it in a single sitting like its guinea-pig narrator, as a not-so-short sharp shock, and it will stay with you forever like a penitentiary tattoo. A bold, bar-rattling gem.” Alan Moore.

Hosted by the Liverpool Arts Lab at The Florrie in the Dingle, Alistair has kindly allowed this to be a fundraiser for their newly formed community arts collective to help support future events and capers.

November 23rd (the newly crowed Toxteth Day Of The Dead) saw the Liverpool Arts Lab take to the city centre for a happening dubbed The Renaissance Of Mathew Street. Read about the actions, thoughts and desires that led to the event and what went down here.

To tie in with The Sentence’s event, Jimmy Cauty’s ADP 1 will also be open 1 hour before and after the performance for visitors to enjoy.

The Sentence visits the Florrie on December 15th from 7 until 11pm. Tickets cost £5 and can be purchased here.  

Poster designed by Slim Smith