Aleya Mae, Jamie Broad, Joey King, Daisy Gill: The 2ube, Liverpool

KCC Live join up with LIPA for a bumper night as part of The 2ube. Dan Spelman reports.

By Planet Slop
Fri 25 October, 2019

Recently our friends at local radio station 99.8FM KCC Live has teamed up with The 2ube a gig held within LIPA, showcasing the best upcoming talent from the lighting and tech students as well as the performers themselves.

But the latest 2ube really shook things up with now not just upcoming LIPA preforming but some amazing artists from the local scene, such as Jamie Broad and Daisy Gill.

Daisy kicked off proceedings. We have had the pleasure of seeing Gill preform live before, and each time her presence on stage grows. Aside from her music, what stood out tonight was her interaction with the audience. We have seen a lot of artists struggle with this, but Daisy really got her personality across throughout her set. She was even better preforming singles such as Take Your Time and Save It For a Rainy Day. What a way to start the night!

Next up was Joey King, an upcoming artist studying at LIPA who absolutely smashed it. Going into this gig, we didn’t know what to expect from King, but alongside his band he played an infectious, upbeat set that lifted the whole room. He was another artist who, for someone so young, possessed great charisma, and the crowd responded in kind.

Jamie Broad started his set with a little warm up freestyle, before launching in to what he does best. As soon as he finished his freestyle, the vibe in the room changed as he dropped new music to start off his set proper. I don’t want to spoil anything about new music but OH MY DAYS! If you were a fan of his track The Beatles then you’ll love Jamie‘s new stuff.

He did preform his amazing single Chat Up Lines, and the 2ube crowd dug the vibe of this track, but not as much as they loved the aforementioned, set closing The Beatles.

Finally, Aleya Mae headlined, and like Joey and his band earlier in the night, Mae is an upcoming artist studying at LIPA.

You really need to see Aleya and her band preform – they’re something else. Writing this, I’m struggling to find the words to describe how phenomenal this set was. Her voice gave us goose bumps, and she gave us Becky Hill vibes throughout her performance. We can’t recommend checking her out enough.

Your next chance to do that will be at a charity show at The Florist on the 29th October, alongside Joey King, Meg Shaw, Jess Bloom and more.