Limf Festival Liverpool
Limf Festival Liverpool


We hate writing “about” sections. It’s like writing a personal profile on a CV – there is no way to do it without cringing. Even here, we are cringing at this self-consciously meta way of writing an “about” section. Are we too cool to write an orthodox “about” section? You betcha. And we got the hipster moustache to prove it.

So, what is Planet Slop?

That’s up to you. We’re either an attempted antidote to the pompous articulators of art and culture, or the worst one yet. We love music, film, art, TV, books, culture. But like all cultural critics, we have a certain level of self-loathing that means we will never truly be happy.

As it stands right now, we’re not trying to save the world; that’s Bono’s job.  We’ll be happy to save a few towns in the North West of England for now.

Planet Slop is;

Shaun Ponsonby – Co-Founder & Editor / @cosmicslopper

Vicky Pea – Co-Founder & Business Development / @vxpeax

….and our incredible team of contributors.

Soulfultiz, Shaun Broadhurst, David North, Paul RileyMichael EdwardSakura, DJ 2Kind, Mark GreenwoodLucy McLachlan, Nelson, Brian Sayle, Graham Smillie, Glenn Gibson, Glyn Akroyd, Banjo, Alan Parry, Phil Greenhalgh, Mark Holmes, Adam Chapman, Christy Smyth, Gary Dougherty, Christina McKenna, Janaya Pickett, Jazamin Sinclair, Paul Fitzgerald , Dave WainLaura Coppin, Bruce McAdam, Mark Johnstone, Andrew Nicholls, Stephen Lewin and more.