As Twin Peaks starts to deliver answers, Chris Burgess looks at what we’ve learnt so far and more importantly, where it all may be leading. 

Spoiler alert – this articles is full of spoilers. Spoilers spoil things. Don’t read this unless you’ve seen up to episode ten.

After the sheer delightful insanity of episode 8, we’ve been back on a firmer footing over the last two episodes. At least as firm a footing as David Lynch will ever allow us.

And what we got was some of the darkest and most violent scenes of the show so far – from Richard Horne’s murder of Miriam and terrifying robbery of his own grandma, to Bill Hasting’s breakdown under questioning about the death of Major Briggs and Ruth Davenport.

What we’re also getting is answers. In quick succession.

Over the past couple of episodes we’ve learned that Bill Hastings was studying alternate dimensions, meeting Major Briggs in what he describes as ‘the zone’, to some very small extent solving the mystery of Briggs’ death.

The casino owners – the Mitchum brothers – have had previous dealings with Ike the Spike and are now out to get Dougie Jones. We also learned that Diane may be in league with Bad Cooper, Chad is in league with Richard Horne, and the dodgy insurance salesman Tony is in league with Duncan Todd (and therefore vicariously Bad Cooper).

We also seem to have confirmation that Richard Horne is Audrey’s son – possibly the son of Bad Cooper too.

The pieces are being put in place. Sides are being taken and the plot seems to be advancing rapidly, building to one hell of a final showdown.

Game of Thrones also returned this weekend, and serves as a neat companion in many ways, as that show is also in a similar position. Winter is coming to Westeros, while a similar darkness is headed towards the town of Twin Peaks.

Fortunately, for all the musical cameos in The Return, Ed Sheeran isn’t likely to turn up and ruin everything with his big dorky face.

We seem to be edging towards a joining together of Sheriff Truman, Deputies Hawk and Briggs and possibly even stoner Jerry at the Black Lodge, while approaching from another direction are Bad Cooper, Ray, Gordon, Albert and Tammy. That’s a lot of people. Will they be at the same place at the same time?

The Log Lady’s prophesy to Hawk of the oncoming darkness, while also reaffirming that ‘Laura is the one’, were both unsettling and mysterious. We know her log can predict the future, and episode 8 has told us that Laura’s presence runs far more deep and powerful than we previously imagined, so it’s all shaping up for an explosive finale.

Which begs the question, what should we expect from David Lynch? A lot of people are expecting answers to the most fundamental mysteries of Twin Peaks – such as where and what the Black Lodge is; what the giant and dwarf symbolise; who or what really is Bob, etc.

At this point I’m not convinced that Lynch will give us a happy ending, or one that neatly ties up every single plotline. Maybe keep things open-ended, or end on a down note? After all, there still seems so much to answer even with 8 hours of TV time left to tell the story.

Finally, just a few thoughts on Dougie/Cooper that have been hinted at in earlier episodes. There have definitely been nods and winks from Lynch towards The Wizard of Oz when dealing with the world as seen by Dougie.

The references start at the dream-like state he finds himself in, and continue to include him losing his shoes when entering ‘this world’, the red shoes worn by Janey-E and others and his hints at returning ‘home’.

One theory that has been posited is that Dougie has gained his courage (through his fight with Ike), his brain (through the insurance files) and now his heart (through an hilarious sex scene with the truly excellent Naomi Watts). He has woken up in a new strange land and is trying to find his way home. Maybe all he has to do is tap his heels together three times and he’ll back in the diner!

Some extra thoughts:

What was with the Christmas theme running through episode 10?

Where can I get a print of Gordon Cole’s reindeer drawing?

How good is Harry Dean Stanton’s singing voice?

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