Mirror Image: Arkangel vs. Bernie Clifton’s Dressing Room

Continuing his weekly breakdowns of Black Mirror and Inside No. 9, Christy Smyth compares Arkangel and Bernie Clifton’s Dressing Room. Spoiler alert.

Mirror Image: USS Callister vs. Zanzibar

As Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror and BBC Two’s Inside No. 9 return to our screens, Christy Smyth pits each episode against each other. Spoiler alert. 

Slop ‘n’ Snips’ Alternative Almost Christmas-ish Movie List

Planet Slop welcomes back Snips’ Dave Wain for an almost nearly festive Christmas movie guide. 

Animania: Cartoon Network Vs Britain

As Cartoon Network hits a golden age, Christy Smyth winds down our week-long celebration by asking why British animation is so far behind America.   

Animania: Gay Springfield

Continuing with our week-long celebration of animation, Shaun Ponsonby commemorates the 20th anniversary of the classic Simpsons episode Homer’s Phobia.  

Animania: Studio Ghibli Top 10

Animania turns towards the East as Craig O’Reilly & Laura Coppin pick their Ghibli favourites. 

Animania: Are Cartoons Really Just For Children?

Continuing our week-long celebration of all things animated, Laura Coppin challenges the long held belief that cartoons are primarily made for children. 

Animania: 80 Years of Disney’s Snow White

As the first ever animated feature film celebrates its 80th anniversary this week, Planet Slop present Animania – a week long celebration of cartoons throughout the ages. Shaun Ponsonby kicks […]

The League of Gentlemen – A Return To Royston Vasey

Ahead of The League of Gentlemen’s TV return and UK tour, Alan Parry looks at the legacy of one of British comedy’s darkest gems. 

Disney’s Star Wars: A New Hope?

As Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is unleashed, Bruce McAdam takes an in-depth look at the franchise under Disney. 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – A Spoiler Free Red Carpet Review

Planet Slop offer a spoiler free review straight from the red carpet of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 

Backstage Tales From Bland TV #2: Richard & Judy – An Odyssey of Love

In the second in his series of imagined backstage stories from terrible TV shows, Shaun Ponsonby travels back to 1983 for an erotic, romantic epic set in the early days […]

The Disaster Artist: Why The Room Reasonates

Ahead of the big screen adaption of The Disaster Artist, Shaun Ponsonby explores the cult classic film on which it is based and asks why this particular bomb resonates with […]

Get In To The Greek: A Guide To Yorgos Lanthimos

With the release of his new film The Killing of a Sacred Deer, we take a look at the films of Yorgos Lanthimos with a guest piece by Michael Fowler […]

Planet Slop Film Club #2: The Death Of Stalin

The Death Of Stalin gets the Planet Slop Film Club treatment in our second collaborate review. 

Slop ‘n’ Snips’ Seriously Shook Halloween Horror Movie List

Slop’s Vicky Pea teams up with Snips’ Dave Wain to bring you a spooky selection of seriously shocking Halloween films. 

Planet Slop Film Club #1: Blade Runner 2049

Planet Slop welcomes you to our inaugural edition of the Film Club, first up in our firing line, Blade Runner 2049. 

Cosmic Slop #120: I Finally Get RuPaul’s Drag Race

Gentlemen start your engines, and may the best woman win! Shaun Ponsonby sees something in Drag Race that he doesn’t get from any other reality contest.    

What’s REALLY Going On In Twin Peaks #5

Chris Burgess starts to wonder if the Dougie-verse is even real and spots the potential for a bigger fight than Mayweather vs McGregor.

Backstage Tales From Bland TV #1: The One Show’s Christmas Party

In the first of his short stories based on the backstage antics of bland TV shows, Shaun Ponsonby imagines the events surrounding The One’s Show’s Christmas party.

Doctor Who: Why A Time Lady Is Integral

As the BBC announce Jodie Whittaker as the first Time Lady, Sean Broadhurst argues that the change is not only canon, but central to the show. 

What’s REALLY Going On In Twin Peaks #4

As Twin Peaks starts to deliver answers, Chris Burgess looks at what we’ve learnt so far and more importantly, where it all may be leading. 

George A. Romero: The father of the zombie flick passes away aged 77

George A. Romero, the Godfather of the Dead, has died after a short battle with cancer. 

What’s REALLY Going On In Twin Peaks #3

Chris Burgess is back to declare “Holy Jesus Christ” and give his take on an hour of mind bending, ground breaking television courtesy of Twin Peaks. 

What’s REALLY Going On In Twin Peaks #2

Our own Mr Jackpots Chris Burgess is back to shovel his way out of the mega-meta headspin.

Steven Speilberg’s Animaniacs Rebooted – A Look At The 90’s Second Best Cartoon

As Steven Speilberg looks into rebooting Animaniacs, Shaun Ponsonby pays tribute to one of his most beloved cartoons.

Jimmy McGovern’s Broken – a well-timed and pertinent TV show for modern Britain

Ahead of the broadcast of it’s second episode, Chris Burgess unlocks legendary Liverpool writer Jimmy McGovern’s new BBC series Broken, starring Sean Bean and Anna Friel.  

Cosmic Slop #108: The All-New Cosmic Slop Reboot

Returning like Twin Peaks on a different network, Shaun Ponsonby finds the all-new Cosmic Slop closer to Alien: Covenant.

What’s REALLY Going on in Twin Peaks #1

Loving the return of Twin Peaks? Of course. Have no god damn idea whats happening? Naturally. Luckily Chris Burgess is here to enlighten us all.