Journey Into The JAMS #3: Burn The Shard Part 1

Vicky Pea enters the pages of 2023 to take a whistle-stop tour with The JAMS – not those ones, but those ones too. 

Journey Into The JAMS #3: The Lucky 49 & 1 Golden Idiot

The heat is on as Burn The Shard gets closer, the Lucky 49 begin to reveal themselves and we get some solid intel on what’s going on. 

Journey Into The JAMS #2: The 99 & The 400 Legacy

As a new faction takes shape Vicky Pea wonders what could await them and gets her hands on some of The 400’s legacy. 

Journey Into The JAMS #1: Dragged Back Into The Dark Ages

Vicky Pea finally comes full circle with her reflection on Welcome To The Dark Ages… until…garhh no we’re going back! 

KLF Khronicals #12: What The FUUK Was Badger Kull?

Vicky Pea attempts to get to the bottom of Badger Kull… and discovers a training course?

KLF Khronicals #11: Grapefruit Are Not The Only Bombs

Vicky Pea attempts to weave a narrative through the three days of Welcome To The Dark Ages. 

KLF Khronicals #10: MuMufication and The People’s Pyramid

Vicky Pea dwells on the prospect of The People’s Pyramid and wonders why this isn’t bigger news? 

KLF Khronicals #9: Graduation, The Rites Of Mumufication, Toxteth Day Of The Dead

Vicky Pea hereby bestows her remains to The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu for the purpose of building The People’s Pyramid.  

KLF Khronicals #8: The Day Of The Book

Vicky Pea joins the ranks of Book Two Chapter Four for The Day Of The Book.

KLF Khronicals #7: The K Foundation Burned A Million Quid Because…

Vicky Pea jumps head first in to Mumuland to get a job, an answer and a tattoo. 

KLF Khronicals #6: The Ice Kream Van Kometh

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu are back to a warm reception! 

KLF Khronicals #5

What the FUUK is going on? We’re about to find out as Vicky Pea departs for Mumuland. 

KLF Khronicals #4

With a week to go before the KLF’s Welcome To The Dark Ages event, Vicky Pea finally experiences the calm before the storm. 

KLF Khronicals #3

Details. We have details. Just a few but enough to get Vicky Pea in a right old state. 

KLF Khronicals #2

A week closer to the big event, Vicky Pea continues to absorb all KLF information like a sponge… A confused, disorientated sponge. 

KLF Khronicles #1

Planet Slop’s Vicky Pea prepares to be welcomed to the Dark Ages by The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu.