Impropriety Interview: “Improv is mainly based on trust”

Having recently staged improvised soap opera The Happening, comedy troupe Impropriety talk to Sean Broadhurst  about how it came into being and the art behind improv.

Planet Slop Film Club #2: The Death Of Stalin

The Death Of Stalin gets the Planet Slop Film Club treatment in our second collaborate review. 

Planet Slop Film Club #1: Blade Runner 2049

Planet Slop welcomes you to our inaugural edition of the Film Club, first up in our firing line, Blade Runner 2049. 

Impropriety Presents The Happening – Episode Five: 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool

Impropriety’s improvised soap opera The Happening is coming to the end of its run at 81 Renshaw Street. Sean Broadhurst returns to take in the penultimate episode and reflects on […]

Interview With Man Booker Prize Winner George Saunders

Sean Broadhurst talks to Man Booker Prize 2017 winner George Saunders about obsession, capitalism and satire in the age of Trump. 

Impropriety Presents The Happening – Episode Four: 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool

Sean Broadhurst is witness to a mushroom related murder in the improv county of Kazimier-shire in Episode 4 of The Happening.

Poem: Serpentine – Elizabeth Gibson

Elizabeth Gibson was announced as a New North Poet at the 2017 Northern Writers’ Awards. She is a Masters student at the University of Manchester whose work has appeared in […]

Impropriety Presents The Happening – Episode Three: 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool

The laughs turn to genuine emotion for episode three of Impropriety’s improvised soap opera, and Sean Broadhurst finally avoided becoming part of the show.

Liverpool Comedy Festival: Laughter Locker, Everyman Bistro

The only all-female line-up at the Liverpool Comedy Festival, Sean Broadhurst took in Laughter Locker and found it a refreshing antidote to a male dominated industry. 

Galactic Funk Militia: O2 Academy, Liverpool

A virgin to The Funk, Sean Broadhurst becomes a bona fide convert at the homecoming concert for Liverpool’s galactic funk soldiers.

Impropriety Presents The Happening – Episode Two: 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool

Having unwittingly become part of the show during episode one of Impropriety’s improvised soap opera, Sean Broadhurst was determined not to let the same thing happen at episode two. 

Liverpool Comedy Festival: Impropriety Presents The Happening

An improvised spoof soap opera? Why not? Sean Broadhurst takes in episode one of Impropriety’s The Happening. 

Doctor Who: Why A Time Lady Is Integral

As the BBC announce Jodie Whittaker as the first Time Lady, Sean Broadhurst argues that the change is not only canon, but central to the show.