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Planet Slop Film Club #2: The Death Of Stalin

The Death Of Stalin gets the Planet Slop Film Club treatment in our second collaborate review. 

Planet Slop Film Club #1: Blade Runner 2049

Planet Slop welcomes you to our inaugural edition of the Film Club, first up in our firing line, Blade Runner 2049. 

FLYTE, SPINN, TV ME: Buyers Club, Liverpool

Paul Fitzgerald joins a sold out crowd at the Buyers Club to discover the true definition of a band on an evening of one special monent after another. 

Cosmic Slop #96: The Joe Swash fan club

Since Michael Buble had to give up his high profile gig, Shaun Ponsonby somehow manages to tie the Brits, Showgirls and Joe Swash together in a nice little package.

Slade’s Dave Hill: “The important thing about us is the longevity”

At the time of year when Slade are ubiquitous, and ahead of their performance at Hangar 34, Shaun Ponsonby talks to the band’s legendary super yob Dave Hill about the […]

Get In To The Greek: A Guide To Yorgos Lanthimos

With the release of his new film The Killing of a Sacred Deer, we take a look at the films of Yorgos Lanthimos with a guest piece by Michael Fowler […]

Animania: Gay Springfield

Continuing with our week-long celebration of animation, Shaun Ponsonby commemorates the 20th anniversary of the classic Simpsons episode Homer’s Phobia.  

Slop ‘n’ Snips’ Seriously Shook Halloween Horror Movie List

Slop’s Vicky Pea teams up with Snips’ Dave Wain to bring you a spooky selection of seriously shocking Halloween films. 

Impropriety Presents The Happening – Episode Five: 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool

Impropriety’s improvised soap opera The Happening is coming to the end of its run at 81 Renshaw Street. Sean Broadhurst returns to take in the penultimate episode and reflects on […]

Dix, Sander and Portraying a Nation: Germany 1919–1933

With Tate Liverpool’s Portraying a Nation exhibition showcasing Germany during the rise of Hitler, Niloo Sharifi looks at the work of Dix and Sander with one eye on the current […]

Re-evaluating Stock Aitken Waterman with Jason Donovan

Ahead of a celebration of The Hit Factory as part of Blackpool’s Livewire Festival, Banjo re-assesses the much maligned 80s pop trio, and chats to one of their biggest stars; […]

Cosmic Slop #117: Cheering Up A Broken World

Depressed at the state of the world as we know it, Shaun Ponsonby tries to cheer us up by delving into one of pop’s forgotten back pages. 

KLF Khronicals #3

Details. We have details. Just a few but enough to get Vicky Pea in a right old state. 

Cosmic Slop #100: Grammys 2017 – bad tributes, boycotts and the cult of Beyonce

For his milestone 100th Cosmic Slop, Shaun Ponsonby shuns the celebrations to concentrate on trashing people more talented than him at the Grammys.

Cosmic Slop #95: A new hope

Responding to social media self-righteousness, Shaun Ponsonby does his usual half-arsed rant.

Cosmic Slop #53: BRIT Awards 2016 – Bowie, Adele, Bieber and terrible stage management

With another year of nothing, Shaun Ponsonby attempts to find something interesting to say about this year’s BRITS. 

Cosmic Slop #6: The BRITs, Madonna, Kanye & the big fall out from The O2 Arena

In a special bumper Cosmic Slop, Shaun Ponsonby mulls over the highs and lows of what is advertised as “the biggest night in British music“.