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Animania: Cartoon Network Vs Britain

As Cartoon Network hits a golden age, Christy Smyth winds down our week-long celebration by asking why British animation is so far behind America.   

Animania: Gay Springfield

Continuing with our week-long celebration of animation, Shaun Ponsonby commemorates the 20th anniversary of the classic Simpsons episode Homer’s Phobia.  

Animania: Studio Ghibli Top 10

Animania turns towards the East as Craig O’Reilly & Laura Coppin pick their Ghibli favourites. 

Animania: Are Cartoons Really Just For Children?

Continuing our week-long celebration of all things animated, Laura Coppin challenges the long held belief that cartoons are primarily made for children. 

Animania: 80 Years of Disney’s Snow White

As the first ever animated feature film celebrates its 80th anniversary this week, Planet Slop present Animania – a week long celebration of cartoons throughout the ages. Shaun Ponsonby kicks […]

Steven Speilberg’s Animaniacs Rebooted – A Look At The 90’s Second Best Cartoon

As Steven Speilberg looks into rebooting Animaniacs, Shaun Ponsonby pays tribute to one of his most beloved cartoons.

The Selecter, The Beat: The Olympia, Liverpool

With a double bill of 2-Tone legends ending their year in Liverpool, Graham Smillie gets his Christmas skank on.